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Providing moorings is our main business, and we can accommodate vessels up to 12.5m or 10 tons. They are located on the Kingswear side of the river downstream of the higher car ferry slipway (C). We also have moorings opposite Noss at Kiln Gate (D) and a few off the town quay (A) and (B) although these are offered to existing customers when they become available.
All moorings are Fore and Aft, i.e trot moorings, and are one boat per berth. (No rafting up).

Mooring equipment is inspected/overhauled annually and a distance line or span line is provided in between buoys that represents the correct berth length. Mooring lines are not supplied in the cost but can be made to measure or advice given.

Harbour dues, for maintaining navigational marks and administering boat details, are payable in addition to mooring fees, and must be paid directly to Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority (DHNA) www.dartharbour.org or their office on the South Embankment.

Berths are allocated according to length, draft and keel type, therefore if you are considering changing your vessel, it is possible the berth will need to be changed even if the new vessel is smaller. Please contact beforehand.
Usually it is ok to offer mooring with vessel but again please contact us first.
No subletting! See terms and conditions. Click here.

Running moorings off Coronation Park for tenders up to 4.5m.

Boatyard Old Mill Creek - only assessable two hours either side of high water. Parking available, useful if going on a voyage.

Also inflatables can be launched at the public slipway next to the Higher car ferry Dartmouth side.

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